Expertise And Services



INACON has a good expertise and services in finance covering non-bank financial services, microfinance, grant management, project financial management, community loan and saving management, and revolving fund for community development.  Some of those are an individual project, and some are as part of project component.  As a separate finance project, it involves various types of services such as market analysis, survey, performance analysis, gap analysis, supply and demand analysis, feasibility study, review and analysis of community institutions, especially microfinance development.  As for the project component, the types of services are in line with the types of services of the main projects.  In collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs, INACON has involved in financial and financial management related projects, among others are Local Government Finance and Governance Reform, Sustaining Micro Finance Project, Consulting Services for Project Preparation Feasibility Study, and Financial Management System Project for Preparation of the Community Empowerment for Rural Development.


INACON provides services in demography as part of CDD projects. The demography related services have been provided by INACON to assess the projects beneficiaries and evaluate the impact of the projects. Community Driven Development (CDD) has been the core competence of INACON. It mainstreams almost all INACON project implementation. In this field, INACON has implemented many CDD projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, Timor-Leste, and Myanmar. The type of services provided includes community facilitation, rapid rural appraisal, participatory rural appraisal, situation analysis, participatory planning such as participatory learning and action, community-based planning mechanism, advisory, technical assistance and capacity building for the government and community including training and extension, monitoring and evaluation.
INACON has successfully implemented multi-donor funded projects in Indonesia such as PNPM Program under the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Village and Disadvantaged Area, and the Ministry of Agriculture. Programs in Vietnam called poverty reduction project under the Ministry of Planning and Investment and in Myanmar named the National CDD Program under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Border Affairs. INACON is familiar in using many participatory tools in survey and planning such as rapid rural appraisal, participatory rural appraisal, ZOPP planning, participatory learning and action, community-based planning mechanism (CBPM), participatory mapping, and participatory monitoring and evaluation


INACON has delivered a successful implementation of irrigation, water supply, and sanitation projects in Indonesia and abroad. The type of services provided includes a feasibility study, detailed engineering design, and construction supervision.

INACON has implemented many projects such as Regional Oversight Management Services (ROMS) for Water Supply and Sanitation; Detailed Engineering Design, Waste Water Pipe Installation; Training for Field Facilitator of Community-based sanitation program, the Ministry of Public Works; Urban Sanitation and Rural Infrastructure (USRI) Support to PNPM Mandiri; Integrated Citarum Water Resources Management Investment Program; and others.

Abroad, INACON has implemented Construction Supervision for Larisula Irrigation Scheme; Detailed Engineering Design for 10 Irrigation Schemes and Preliminary Study for 15 Rivers for the Government of Timor-Leste


INACON has delivered a successful implementation of road, bridge, as well as other rural infrastructure. The type of services provided includes feasibility studies, detailed engineering design, construction supervision, capacity building, monitoring & evaluation, and spatial planning.

INACON has implemented many projects such as Spatial Planning and Environmental Management Project, Regional Infrastructure for Social and Economic Development (RISE), the Ministry of Public Works, Technical Assistance and Advisory Services of Civil Work for Community Facilitator of Bali Province and many others. Abroad, INACON has been implementing the Construction Supervision for Manatuto-Nartabora Road Construction; an ADB-financed project in Timor-Leste


INACON has implemented consultancy services related to TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) and higher education in Indonesia and Mongolia.

In Indonesia, INACON has provided Consultancy Services for Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant, Polytechnic Education Development Project, the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, Indonesia; Madrasah Education Development Project (MEDP), Workshop and Training on Management and Maintenance of Science, Ministry of Religion Affairs, Indonesia; Madrasah Education Development Project (MEDP), Training on Subject Content Upgrading and Classroom Teaching Methodology Physics (MA), Chemistry (MA) and Biology, Ministry of Religion Affairs. In Mongolia, INACON provided  Technical Assistance on the Strengthening of Higher and Vocational Education Project, the Ministry of Education and Culture. In the health sector, INACON provides Consulting Services for Human Resources Management Firm to Recruit and Manage Provincial and District Health Consultants and Training Consultants in the Implementation of Supply Side Activities; Urban Sanitation and Rural Infrastructure Support to PNPM Mandiri Project, the Ministry of Public Works. Indonesia; Support for Poor and Disadvantaged Area, the Ministry of Disadvantages Areas Development, Indonesia.


Agriculture and Forestry have been the main sector of INACON participation in the development since the early of the establishment. The types of services in this field such as land and soil survey, socio-economic survey, land capability and suitability analysis, development of cultivation techniques, feasibility study, participatory planning, technical planning, technical assistance, training, extension, monitoring, and evaluation.

INACON has involved in food crops related program such as Food Crops Development Project and Land Use Data Management Project, Decentralized Agriculture and Extension Project, and Farmer Empowerment Through Agriculture Technology Information. In this field, INACON had been involved in survey and planning such as identification of proposed farmers and land (CPCL), annual plan, training and extension, development of the remote-sensing-based early warning system, farmer managed demonstration, farmers research trials, field school, and media campaign. Also, INACON has undertaken many assignments in big forestry companies both public and private, such as INHUTANI I, INHUTANI II, and Sinar Mas Group. Also, there were similar programs for palm oil and rubber plantations, development of long term plan (RKPH), annual plan (RKT), and working permits. Specific services also provided for natural resources conservation such as biodiversity survey and mapping, erosion control mapping and calculation, resources based management (RBM) plan, pay for environmental services (PES).


INACON is experienced and capable of providing industry and trade consulting services since 2000 and continue to be as part of our dedicated services to the clients.

This service includes a wide range of services such as baseline survey and appraisal, feasibility study, participatory planning, technical planning, technical assistance, training & extension, and monitoring & evaluation. In collaboration with European Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, and West Java Agricultural Services, INACON has provided consulting services for trade sustainability impact assessment of the free trade agreement between European community and ASEAN community, multiplier effect study on the forest concession and plantation development, pre-feasibility studies on rubber and cocoa industries, study on agri-business terminal development,  study on restructuring agro-based industries


The environment is one of the fields of service that INACON serves to various clients in Indonesia since the early year after establishment in 1990. Type of services includes survey, impact identification, environmental impact analysis and assessment, environmental impact mitigation plan, environmental monitoring and management.

INACON has an extensive experience in carrying out environmental projects for various purpose or as part of integrated development projects under some clients in Indonesia, such as Ministry of Forestry, ADB, Ministry of Environment, Reginal Governments, MInsitry of Trade and Industry, and private industrial companies.  A wide range of services related to environemt has been provided by INACON such as environmental survey, impact identification, impact mitigation, environmental impact analysis and assessment in form of AMDAL as per regulation in Indoneisa, environmental plan and monitoring (RKL and RPL as well as UKL and UPL).


INACON has proven track records in providing consultancy services to mining and energy, especially oil and gas industries. PT PERTAMINA, a state-owned oil enterprise, has awarded INACON as the “best performance” and the “most efficient” company among the partners for the implementation of the national kerosene to LPG conversion program.

INACON had been entrusted to implement the Marketing Communication Services for the National Kerosene to LPG Conversion Program in 2008.  Also, INACON was also appointed to provide Management Services for the Distribution of the 3Kg LPG tubes including the Stove and its Accessories, under the program of Kerosene to Gas Conversion in 2007. The services cover data collection of Kerosene users, awareness campaign, and socialization on the use of 3kg-LPG, stove, and its accessories; training and extension; LPG distribution; monitoring and evaluation.  In addition to the oil and gas services, INACON also provides services in the fields of renewable energy and energy conservation, mineral and coal, electricity including survey and investigation, geological research, awareness campaign, socialization, training and extension, and monitoring and evaluation


INACON provides services in this field covering telecommunication, information management system, geographic information system, and a software application for various purposes. This service is usually part of an integrated project in which information system required to support the implementation of the project.  Type of services includes survey, quality assurance planning and strategy, system design, system development, hardware and software procurement, trial and commissioning, trouble shooting, capacity building for executive and various level of staff, monitoring & evaluation, and post project system maintenance. The services provided by INACON in this field among others are development of application for local government finance and government reform, provision and development of spatial data to support implementation of Marine and Coastal Resources Management Project in the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, application of crop modelling (GIS-based modelling) to support food crops production development program for the Ministry of Agriculture in Indonesia, the aerial photo mapping to support irrigation development programs in Aceh, application of financial management to support Community Empowerment for Rural Development Project.